Earlier this year GeMaTa purchased the FBP brand and incorporated the firm’s best technicians in their research and development structure. The match of FBP’s experience with the GeMaTa organisation has led to the introduction of two new machines which will be presented at Tanning Tech this year:

New model: Comstack

The new Stacker Comstack employs simplified kinetics and has been designed with low energy consumption in mind. It has only two belts, both with a hide spreading and widening device. The new model can stack up to 960 sides/hour or 300 whole hides/hour and is the most compact model currently available on the market and has the greatest load height. On request, it may be supplied with automatic upward turning of both tracks to permit extraction of pallets from the side. The operator interface has also been simplified, with a large control panel offering easily selectable production programmes. All models are galvanised at the base to increase corrosion resistance.

Updated model

The Folder: is an innovative machine which is ideal for lateral folding of whole hides for use in home furnishings when piled on pallets. The Folder permits easy movement and compact storage of perfectly folded hides so that they do not protrude from pallets. Synchronised loading systems permit folding of either an individual hide or a pack of hides at a time.

GeMaTa offer customers a laboratory for conducting tests and trials using the latest models and over 500 designed cylinders, with the assistance of experienced, qualified personnel.

Hall 35, Stand B35-C34