Gemata SpA have announced the launch of their new spray gun. Called Spraygun HLVLP, the gun can work in two different ways:

* High volume and low pressure (3-7 bar) HVLP

* Low volume and low pressure (1-1.4 bar) LVLP

The gun incorporates a set-point adjustment device. For applications where more than one is required, this device ensures the same amount of product is applied at the same aperture.

Maintenance has also been reduced:

* The needle is no longer replaced as an interchangeable tip. One needle for each type of nozzle has been built. This allows a perfect automatic cleaning of the nozzle whenever the tip of the needle is raised or lowered

* The gun is available in stainless steel or in anodised aluminium externally and stainless steel internally.

The gun works in an absolute mode, ie the inlet pressure equals the outlet pressure. The system offers an extensive calibration range that allows any product with a viscosity of up to 40 seconds to be nebulised.