Rollercoating specialists GeMaTa bring thirty years of experience and technology to Tanning Tech this year. GeMaTa, who have been part of the Poletto Group of companies since 1991, will be displaying a number of machines from their range.

New models: Jumbo Universal and Jumboroll

At Tanning Tech, GeMaTa will also be unveiling their new Jumbo Universal and Jumboroll machines for tipping and design effects and for hot and cold fatliquoring of whole hides used in furniture upholstery. Based on a structure similar to that of the Jumbostar and Starplus-S, the new machines have a separate spreader and hide detachment unit to improve accessibility for maintenance work and are easier to move manually on wheels running along tracks.

The Jumbo Universal employs engraved cylinders with a diameter of 300mm, and can use cylinders of different weights or work with one or two cylinders mounted on a triple revolver without any need for a counterweight cylinder.

The more economical model, Jumboroll, uses cylinders with a diameter of 260mm to allow use of competitor cylinders.

Both models can be fitted with solvent intake hoods, a colour doctor blade, a cylinder heating system and a hide detachment device with a widening belt. These features may be assembled on either model by request.


The most prominent featured on their stand this year is GeMaTa’s Jumbostar rollercoating machine which was first introduced in November 1999. The Jumbostar was born out of company’s experience with Starplus-S; a rollercoater designed for finishing soft hides for use in furnishings. Jumbostar uses the reverse roller system to apply large quantities of pigment to all types of whole hides for uses ranging from home furnishings to automotive interiors and clothing.

Jumbostar cuts use of chemical products considerably, benefiting the environment, reducing the amount of waste and offering important economic benefits to tanneries. Using Jumbostar also reduces the use of chemical products considerably. By using the machine in place of a spray cabin, tanneries can save up to 8-10g of chemicals per square foot in finishing buffed hides, giving an estimated cost saving of about Euro15,500 (US$14,220).

Since the end of February 2000, numerous tanneries have been using Jumbostar on an industrial scale in place of traditional spray plants, and so far more than 50 machines have been installed all over the world. Plants with Jumbostars installed so far also require partial use of spraying to ensure that products are evenly applied to highly defective hides and to deposit the final fixative coat. However, GeMaTa technicians are hard at work on finding a way of evenly covering even the most defective hides with uneven widths.

Results obtained using a pilot line made up of two Jumbostar machines running at 15-18m/min at in the Montebello Tannery in Italy since October 2000 indicate that Jumbostar may also be used for fixing water-based finishing products. Result suggests that it may be possible to replace the majority of spray plants with low environmental impact Jumbostar plants in the short to mid term.

At the trade fair, GeMaTa will present their well-known models as well as a number of new ones:

* Starplus-S featuring the latest modifications for improvement of performance. With over 400 machines sold to over 300 tanneries and some of the most important chemical laboratories, the Starplus-S still sets high standards. The machine is ideal for finishing hides for use in footwear and nappa for clothing at least 0.3mm thick, with multiple machines tuning on automatic lines and no sprays.

* Starcoat-C is ideal for working with very rigid, uneven hides, especially leather up to 8mm thick.

* New Rotoprint: A new device for adding design effects and tipping. It is based on the Starplus model and equipped with a new hide detachment device.

* New Rotolab: A small scale machine ideal for use in laboratories or pilot scale trials.

* Micromix, Foammix 200 and Foammix 400 foaming machines.

Hall 35, Stand B35-C34