Turkish leather chemical manufacturers Gemsan plan to increase their market share in base coat chemicals from 6.5-7% to 10%. With sales of around 1,000 tons of leather chemicals last year, the company achieved total turnover of €5.1 million.

Leather chemicals is the youngest of the company’s departments, established seven years ago. It has a 20% share and ranks second among the company’s other product ranges.

The company’s 100,000 ton facility at Hadimkoy manufactures products for the Marmara and Istanbul regions of Türkiye, and exports to Iran, Pakistan, Syria, China, Egypt and Bulgaria.

The company are also targeting the Polish market. For this reason, Gemsan plan to support and improve their export department. ‘Fur processing is progressing considerably in Poland’, said Aydin, Gemsan’s sales coordinator, ‘and Poland is likely to be one of the countries competing directly against Türkiye.’