GER Electtronica, the Italian measuring machinery specialists, have created a new piece of equipment for wet-blue measurement and selection. Area is measured using pin wheels fitted with sensors. As well as area, Selevision can measure the thickness of each wet-blue piece across the whole hide instantly.

The calculated measurements can be observed on a display screen with variations in colour and it is an ideal method of monitoring splitting and/or shaving consistency. Selevision has been designed to be located after the splitting and shaving operations to control leather thickness. Upper and lower tolerance limits can be programmed into the machine according to customer requirements.

Any hides or skins found to be outside the tolerance level can be rejected or reprocessed. An alarm sounds if a skin is not within the set limits.

The computer fitted to Selevision is able to store data and print out a complete profile of each hide or skin which allows the machine operator to make adjustments to the settings if required.