The PGMEA Chairman said that only a few people are benefiting from the export of tanned split leather while on the other hand, thousands of labourers are facing unemployment.

Around half of the existing 250 industrial units that use wet-blue split leather have been shutdown owing to shortage of tanned leather. As a result, more than 200,000 industrial workers have already lost their jobs.

The PGMEA has demanded either the immediate ban on the export of split leatherĀ orĀ at least an increase of duty on the export of split leather to 100% from the existing 20%.

The PGMEA has warned that local leather gloves manufacturers would be forced to take to streets in protest if the situation does not improve. In the midst of such serious situation, the 30% decline in manufacturing of leather gloves in China seems to be providing a golden opportunity for the leather gloves manufacturers to exploit, the PGMEA stated.