Glove manufacturers Burfield & Co of Somerset, UK, have launched a unique range of quality ladies’ leather gloves, under the Cleo Vera brand, that contain the plant extract, aloe vera. This is activated with body vapour, providing a gentle moisturising effect to help keep hands soft.

This is the first time aloe vera has been used in leather dress gloves. The Cleo Vera ladies’ gloves are derived from aloe tan leather that contains aloe vera plant extracts that make the leather softer and kinder to the hand on touch. This amazing plant contains complex and diverse natural components that help the body, and in particular the skin, in a variety of ways. It is bacteria free and provides a distinctive perfume and natural soothing qualities to the skin. The aloe vera has been placed deep inside the glove leather by a method and a quantity designed to provide the ultimate in hand care protection.

Commenting on the launch of the Cleo Vera glove range, Matthew Burfield, director of Burfield & Co, said: ‘This is the most exciting dress glove leather produced for years. Its properties are unique. We believe that a glove that can beautify your hands in addition to providing protection from natural weathering, offers a winning combination. These gloves will be a must-have product for women who want to look after their hands. We have used aloe vera from the world’s leading supplier and can guarantee the presence and quality of biologically active ingredients.’

The Cleo Vera range is now available at John Lewis Oxford Street.

Cleo Vera is a registered trademark