The Eco-Leather mark is aimed at promoting environmental upgrading and boosting the development of eco-tanning within the Chinese tanning sector. The guidelines encourage companies to obtain certification of the Eco-Leather mark, and additional incentives are also offered by the government to enterprises with certification such as beneficial bank credit, technical support and so on.
Eco-Leather Mark was introduced by the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) in 2003, it specifies strict parameters in terms of the leather quality, the use of some specialised ‘green’ chemicals in leather products, especially in the tanning process, pollution control, waste treatment and corporate social responsibility. The Chinese government is fully supporting the CLIA’s Eco-Leather mark because of its positive effect to the environment and industry.
Officers from the ministry of Industry and Information Technology have stated that all companies with Eco-Leather mark certification will have support from the government for performing as the pioneers on energy and water saving, environmental protection and brand building within the Chinese leather industry.