Expansion plans are in place for Haryana Leather Chemicals, an Italian joint-venture in India, and leading producers of specialty chemicals for high-end/high performance leathers such as gloving, upholstery, and automotive.

The company have technical associations with Spanish and German companies and operate in many countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Haryana have recently completed a state-of-the-art chromatography and spectrophotometry laboratory for testing banned chemicals. The company encourage their customers to send leathers and chemical samples for testing. Haryana are the only company in India to offer such a service which is free of charge. The test facility can detect most of the banned substances like PCP, AZO, AOX etc.

Haryana are investing nearly US$500,000 in a new research and application infrastructure in collaboration with the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Indian Government. After the successful launch of low fogging fatliquors in Tanning Tech, Bologna, Haryana’s aggressive R&D has now enabled them to offer the following new products during APLF 2006:

* low formaldehyde syntans

* styrene maliec resins for retanning

* polymeric softeners

* high gloss, high fastness aqueous pu top coats

* new fatliquors for upholstery leather – U-PHOL series

* new fatliquors for gloving leather – Glovol series.

Future research is being directed towards higher value-added leathers, in particular automotive and aviation, and development of auxiliaries targeted for upgrading leathers. The company have, in the past, always stayed one step ahead in new fashion trends, particularly in naked and aniline finishes.

The company have consistently increased their profits and are financially stable. With the company’s future expansion plans, Haryana hope to gain a large market share both at home and abroad.

In attendance at the fair will be Pankaj Jain, managing director; Sippy Jain, director; Neeraj Bishnoi, AGM & marketing; Anup Gupta, AGM & materials; and Susan Lu, China representative.