Hidenet.com, publishers of daily and weekly reports on the US hide market and since spring their Leather Market Report, now also publish a weekly report on the Latin American Market. This report covers hide and skin trading as well as wet-blue, crust and finished leathers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

In October, Hidenet also launched their new European Market Report which is also written weekly. This report covers hides and skin prices throughout Europe. Hidenet reports are produced by local writers who know their particular area inside and out and are in continual contact with major tanners, meat packers and local traders.

The Latin American Hidenet market report is available to readers in Spanish, English and Chinese; Hidenet Leather letter in English and Chinese; Hidenet US weekly report in English, Spanish and Chinese; and the European report in English and Spanish.

Hidenet provide free trial subscriptions for interested parties by simply going to their website at [http://www.hidenet.com]