Mosconi are not a company which have an extensive range of tannery machinery. They only produce four pieces of tannery equipment for fleshing, splitting and shaving operations. Instead of selling a diverse range, they have concentrated on prescision engineered equipment and spare parts. They are regarded by many tanners as producing the ‘Rolls Royce’ of beamhouse tannery equipment. Their most successful model is their Super Zenit splitter, a machine that has slowly evolved over the 56-year history of the company.

‘Our machines are used in the most famous tanneries in the world such as Ecco, Elmo Calf, Rino Mastrotto, Braspelco and many others’, says Diego Frigo, sales manager. ‘Once a tanner installs a Mosconi machine they very rarely change them for a competitors when the machine has come to end of its working life.’

Mosconi have around 25 orders in the pipeline which were largely a result of enquiries made during the last Tanning Tech fair. ‘Many tanners have been waiting to see what is going to happen in the market since the end of last year’, says Frigo. ‘Buyers are beginning to re-enter the market after a difficult few months.’

The company have five full time technicians travelling around the world covering major markets such as South Korea, China, Brazil and Argentina as well as Italy.

Rather than develop new equipment, Mosconi prefer to evolve and modernise their existing range and plant in Verona. For example, they have just invested US$1.5 million in a new Japanese built milling and cutting machine to ensure accurate and faster tooling of the parts made in the factory.

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The Mosconi & C SpA range:

Super Zenit splitting

SM hydraulic fleshing

RMG hydraulic shaving

RMP hydraulic shaving