Hüni will be at Fimec to present their product range which consists of the following:

Tannery vessels: wooden drums (liming, tanning, retanning/dyeing, laboratory), wooden paddles, stainless steel laboratory drums, polypropylene drums. Service and spare parts are also available for the following drum brands: Hüni, Billeri and Vallero (purchased technology) and others.

Process control equipment for tanneries: watermixing systems Aquamix, liquid chemical mixing and dosing systems Prodomix and Prododos, powder chemical mixing and dosing systems Powdermix and Powderdos, full process control Microtan, full tannery visualisation Visutan, turn-key tannery projects, engineering and special software application for tanneries.

Finishing: mixing systems for finishing chemicals FINIMIX.

Various: different and various second-hand machinery (all tanning machinery), consulting, special applications (weighing applications, software, dilution system, product storage).

Peter Mastelic, Antonio Billeri and Tim Voigt will be in attendance.