Putting the record straight

We have read with interest, in the June edition of Leather International, your detailed coverage of ICHSLTA’s annual general meeting in Hong Kong this year. However, we would like to further enlighten you as to the current situation within our association following the change of president and the retirement of the current director general.

John Gorman retired in accordance with the ICHSLTA ‘Rules and Regulations’ having completed two years as vice president between 1998-2000 and then a further two terms of two years as president of ICHSLTA between 2000-2002 and 2002-2004 – the maximum period for which a president can hold office under the current ‘Rules and Regulations’.

As you rightly pointed out, he has been succeeded by the French delegate, Pierre Bonefant, who is also president of the Syndicat General des Cuirs et Peaux in Paris. In the first instance, the French Syndicat will be in charge of administrating the council from the date at which Andaco Limited hands over to them on September 30, 2004, up to and including the annual general meeting in 2006. Both the president and the administration can then be re-elected for a further two year period. Although the president would have to retire after a total of four years, according to the rules and regulations mentioned above, the administration can continue to be run from Paris if the Syndicat General is so elected by the council.

Mme Zhang Shu Hua was elected vice-president for the period 2004/2006.

With effect from October 1, 2004, the International Contracts will be distributed from Paris by the Syndicat General. Their address is:

Syndicat General des Cuirs et Peaux, Bourse de Commerce, 2 rue de Viarmes, 75040 Paris, Cedex 01, France. Tel: +33 1 45 08 08 54; fax: +33 1 40 39 97 31; email: cuirsetpeaux@wanadoo.fr

This information, as well as other information, can be found on the ICHSLTA website [http://www.ichslta.org]

Tony and Carole Cox have been invited by the French Syndicat to remain as consultants and will be responsible for the council’s organisation of the annual general meeting in Hong Kong as well as ICHSLTA’s attendance at the Asia Pacific Leather Fair, also held in Hong Kong.

Whilst writing to you we should like to take this opportunity to ‘put the record straight’ with reference to the period served, as president, by John Gorman. As we have explained above, Mr Gorman served two years as vice president and then four years as president. He is not, however, ‘one of the longest serving presidents’. In the past, before the ‘Rules and Regulations’ were changed, there have been others who have served the council for much longer terms of office. We can cite the following examples: Harold W Chadwick 1929-1947; William E S Jotcham 1948-1964; F L Johnston 1965-1974; George J Potter 1975-1981; William Carey 1981-1992 and Michael F Johnston 1993-1998.

Yours sincerely, Tony Cox, director general, ICHSLTA