John Reddington, President of United States Hide, Skin and Leather Association, was nominated as the incoming President. Reddington should be formerly elected at the 83rd Annual General Meeting and will take the Chair from March 2012.

The meeting also agreed to launch a new website, which is better referenced and with better content. Visitors will find more valuable and free statistics with more up-to-date information from ICHSLTA.

At the meeting, delegates agreed a process of moving the registration of ICHSLTA from the UK to Hong Kong in accordance with the decision of the 82nd Annual General Meeting. The new registration of ICHSLTA, which is expected be finished soon, will make the operation of the Council more effective.

It was also agreed at the meeting that ICHSLTA should work more closely with the IULTCS and ICT in the face of competition from synthetic materials. ICHSLTA set out its plan to work towards a sustainable development of world leather industry along with the other industry representative bodies.