‘The Institute for Creative Leather Technologies is leading the way for the University in the development of novel and innovative modes of course delivery to meet the professional development and employment needs of industry both in the UK and internationally,’ says, Professor Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor, The University of Northampton.

These courses are underpinned by the recent £800,000 ($1.2 million) investment in the tannery and teaching facilities in the Leathersellers’ Centre (co-funded by the University and the Leathersellers’ Company), with further investment in a new research laboratory scheduled for summer 2011 to enhance the Institute’s industry focused research and development activities.

All the courses are offered with accreditation at an appropriate academic level to allow students and delegates to build a portfolio of Continuing Professional Development and related credits, which they can use to build to a formal qualification from The University of Northampton.

The wide range of courses available in Northampton from September 2011 to July 2012 include a full year MSc course, one-year Dipolma in Leather Technology, one-year Leathersellers’ Certificate in Leather Technology, and a one-year BSc Leather Technology (Hons) ‘top-up’. As well as the longer courses the ICLT will also be offering a one-week Creative Leather Applications course, one-week Leather Technology and a four-week Leather Design and Colour course delivered jointly between the Fashion Design and Leather Technology academies.

BSc Leather Technology (flexible, blended learning)

The BSc course will be offered in collaboration with key strategic partners in the major leather making regions of the world allowing students to gain a quality assured University of Northampton qualification in their home country.

This new flexibility will support modular, accredited Continuing Professional Development, making Northampton courses and qualifications much more accessible to those already working in the leather and leather-using industries, both in the UK and internationally.

Courses will typically be delivered through a combination of local teaching by the partner organisation, virtual learning using the Northampton Integrated Learning Environment, ‘flying faculty’ from Northampton for short, intensive periods of teaching, and practical courses in our tannery in Northampton.