Idrofilter is a new fine mesh filter that can be used in all types of industry to separate solids from effluent with mesh filters ranging in size from 100 to 1200m. According to makers Ecoplus, it is ideal for use in the separation of medium-fine solids from effluent and liquid processes.

Made entirely from stainless steel, this type of filter combines structural solidness with simplicity of operation, which is rare in this type of machine. The separation cycle, carried out by pairs of vertical rotating discs, includes three important factors:

* automatic discharge of solids from the interior of the filter for easy collection

* continual cleaning of the filter fabric carried out by the solid material accumulated inside the disc

* filtration can be carried out on an inclined surface due to the fact that, thanks to the rotation discs which can vary between 3 and 18 rpm, the solid particles touch the filter wall at a delicate/sensitive angle which dramatically increases the filtering effect and is variable according to rotation speed.

The Idrofilter can be used in a range of industries and it has been widely tested for both effluent and wastewaters from slaughterhouses, tanneries, farms, dye production and industrial washing machines among others.