The CTU toggle drying and stretching frame from Emmezeta is able to increase area yield on full hides by 8-10%. The hides are hand toggled to frames which then automatically stretch prior to air drying.

The latest model, the CTUR-142, has a total of 142 drying frames and is aimed at upholstery tanners. Parameters such as speed, temperature and humidity can all be controlled automatically using a new touch screen display and all of the other machine settings are also computer controlled.

The CTUR-142 has throughput of 80-90 whole hides per hour. The frames and drying tunnels are broken down into five different units where the settings can all be adjusted to allow a slow drying. Drying and conditioning can be carried out at temperatures lower than 50°C.

On sheep and goat skins, a throughput of 150-200 skins per hour may be achieved.