The Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF) 2001 will be staged from April 1 – 4, with India being nominated as the focus country for the show. This reflects the considerable importance of the Indian leather industry, both within India and to the global economy.

The focus country takes centre stage and has the opportunity to maximise promotion of their products and services. In India’s case, this extends from a wide offering of leathers through to finished leathergoods including footwear, garments and leathergoods. These well established finished products are increasingly complemented by machinery, chemicals and components for shoe and leathermaking.

Exotic leather, whether from animal, bird, reptile or fish skins, are currently a top fashion item and a new product sector is being created at APLF to showcase them.

Nospa, the National Ostrich Processors of South Africa, and ten other companies have decided to arrange a special trend display for ostrich leathers. This display will be part of their pavilion together with exotic products from Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Reptile and sting ray leathers in particular are expected to be shown. The display aims to show how exotic leathers can be used to best effect.