All the pieces of furniture displayed at Interieurs Cuir have been designed by celebrated French designer Francois Azambourg and using his skills he has found some new applications and new markets for French leathers. The collection includes several novel chair and table designs using leather as well as more abstract designs. These include a radio made from leather, a translucent chair made from parchment leather and an air filled garden furniture.

The following French tanneries have been involved in the project: Tannerie Megisserie Alran, Tannerie Arnal, Bodin Joyeux, Remy Carriat, Degermann, Tanneries du Puy, Guyard Chesneau (Relma), Tanneries Haas, Gordon Choisy, Hervy Mercier, Megisserie Jullien and Tanneries Roux.