An important Asian milestone in the development of the ‘fair and protected’ trading of hides, skins and leather is that the ICHSLTA contracts 6 and 7 are now printed and published in Chinese as well as English.

The Chinese versions of the contracts have been officially approved by the International Council of Hides Skins & Leather Traders Associations and carry the same weight as the English versions for commercial transactions except in the case of arbitration.

This is one result from the ICHSLTA Asia Committee which was formed two years ago under the chairmanship of Madam Zhang Shuhua, vice chairman of the China Leather Industry Association.

This committee has an important role to play in promoting the leather trade activities in various Asian countries, representing the interests of both buyers and sellers. It recommends that the international contracts should be used extensively with, if required, both English and Chinese versions doubly signed and copies kept by both parties.

The new contracts are available from CLIA in Beijing, their sub-office in Hong Kong or ICHSLTA in the UK.