It seems that the UK Leather Merchants & Wholesalers industry is finally turning the corner, according to the latest Portfolio Analysis by Plimsoll Publishing Ltd.

The analysis reveals signs of sustainable improvement within the industry, showing that nine companies have seen sales increases of over 15%, 13 companies have doubled profits and 31 companies have halved their debts.

David Pattison, Senior Analyst at Plimsoll Publishing maintains: ‘After the last few years of uncertainty, the UK Leather Merchants&Wholesalers industry is experiencing a positive upswing.’

However, Pattison is also quick to point out that not all companies share this success: ‘Despite these recent improvements in the industry, there are still 36 companies with declining sales and 24 which are loss making. Our latest analysis shows that how successful you are in the industry has little to do with what you make or sell. It all comes down to how well the company is run!’

The Plimsoll Portfolio Analysis – Leather Merchants & Wholesalers – individually examines the performance of the Top 180 companies in the UK leather Merchants & Wholesalers industry and assesses their financial health.