An Italian Economic Mission headed by the Prime Minister, Romano Prodi and attended by the heads of Confindustria, ABI and ICE, together with the 370 enterprises represented, included a delegation from Gemata SpA consisting of Gianni Maitan, general manager and Claudio Carmagnola, sales manager.

The Gemata delegation attended the Business Forum ‘Indo-Italian Synergy: Destination West Bengal’, held in Kolkata from February 11-13, 2007, which included the technical seminar ‘Textile & Leather’.

Eng Maitan and S S Kumar, managing director of Titan Leathers Pvt Ltd, Kolkata, and chairman of the Council for Leather Exports from 2004 to 2005, both passionate experts of naturalistic photography, exchanged their own books. Maitan’s book is called ‘African Parks’ and Kumar’s book is ‘Silhouettes Sundarbans’.