Italprogetti were highlighting their patented Triplex Polypropylene three compartment drum at Tanning Tech last November. The new design allows a higher capacity of hides and skins (2.5metric tons) to be processed in a lower level of float.

The compartmental design provides a special water recycling system and the holes in each section provide a rain effect when the drum is in use. The mechanical action allows a faster penetration of the process chemicals.

The Triplex drum can process any type of leather and can be used to process raw, limed, tanned and retanned material. The drum features automatic pH and temperature control.

The manufacturers also state that polypropylene has several advantages over wooden or stainless steels drums. Polypropylene is less conductive than stainless steel and does not take-up residual chemicals like wood. Polypropylene also has a smooth surface, is cheaper than stainless steel and is not chemically reactive to typical tanning chemicals.