Marco Giovanny Acosta Morales of the company Acosta Morales & Asociados has recently joined the IULTCS as an Associate Member. Acosta is a Chemical Engineer with specialties in Environmental management and International Environmental Law. He and the company he represents are based in Quito. Acosta is currently undertaking work contracted by the municipality of Ambato to review technical, environmental, quality, effluent, and social sustainability of the sector to ensure a permanent future of the tanning industry in Ecuador. It is estimated that 85% of the leather industry in Ecuador is currently based in the Ambato region.

Participation in the IULTCS allows the voice and interests of the Ecuadorian leather industry to be heard at international level. Marco Acosta also looks forward to the networking contacts that comes with participation in IULTCS activities and hopes to draw on the experience of other members for the benefit of the Ecuadorian tanning industry.

The next meeting of the IULTCS Executive is to be held on September 20 in conjunction with Le Cuir A Paris at the Villepinte Parc des Espositions.