The New Zealand Leather and Shoe Research Association (LASRA) have been serving the leather and footwear manufacturing industries for 82 years. LASRA’s blend of expertise and experience has made them the premier Australasian research, technology and training provider for the fellmongering, skin and hide processing, and upholstery and footwear leather manufacturing industries. Their strength is in developing practical opportunities for companies, and in making commercial sense of analytical and testing work for clients.  The LASRA analytical laboratory is accredited worldwide (ILAC-MRA) for performing testing in accordance with ISO, EN, ASTM and other internationally recognised standards. LASRA also provides information to industry and run correspondence courses for training people in leather manufacturing technology.

LASRA is the second associate member to join the IULTCS this year and brings the growing total to 23 members. On joining the IULTCS, Dr Bryson said: ‘I am delighted that LASRA has joined the IULTCS and look forward to establishing links and collaborations with other members in this prestigious international union.’ Members represent 25 of the world’s most important professional and technical associations from the world’s leading leather producing countries.