According to the members list for Tanners’ Council of Japan, around 85% of Japanese tanneries are concentrated in Hyogo and Wakayama areas and 15% are located in eastern Japan which main areas are Tokyo and Saitama regions. The main production areas of the Hyogo region are Himeji and Tatsuno districts. Western Japan which includes Hyogo and Wakayama was unaffected by this earthquake and tsunami.

In relation to tanneries located in eastern Japan, it was reported to the Tanners’ Council of Japan that fortunately no damage was found from tanneries in Tokyo and Saitama.  There are a few tanneries in Yamagata and Nagano regions, these companies also reported no damage from the earthquake and that they are operating as usual.

No member companies of Tanner’s Council of Japan are located in the Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima areas where this earthquake and tsunami caused extensive damage. We also think that no tanneries other than our members are in these areas.