The CLIA issued the following statement: ‘Jinjiang has launched a three-month regulation campaign focusing on sectors of chemicals, tanning, print and dyeing, and paper making starting from August 25, 2010. 194 companies are on the list to be ordered to stop production due to environmental violation. Last week inspection teams inspected 40 companies and found all of them to abide by regulations. There are 63 tanneries located in the Kemu concentrated industrial area, which are included in the list ordered to stop production and correct any violations. A spokesperson for the concentrated area said electric power had been cut off from the morning of August 25 and the regulations will last three months. The inspection teams visited three tanneries in the concentrated area and confirmed that they had stopped production.’
It was also rumoured that local government officials in Jinjiang had shut off the power to a further group of remaining tanners in the area. The majority of these tanners were said to use imported raw materials that included hides as well as wet-blue and splits. In order for these tanners to resume operations they will have to be certified with the required pollution abatement equipment.