New Aquaderm X-Shield is based on an aqueous polymer dispersion that is applied as a top coat on the leather. Unlike conventional systems, whose soil-repellent substances gradually wear off, the binder system developed by LANXESS and Daikin with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) segments incorporated by polymerisation is firmly anchored on the surface of the leather.
Aquaderm X-Shield protects leather surfaces not only from ‘standard soil’ but also from stains caused by, for example, mustard, ketchup, marker pen inks or engine oil. It also makes cleaning with leather-care products considerably simpler.
LANXESS’s Leather business unit will in future be responsible for marketing the new range of products for leather applications such as car seats, furniture and shoe uppers. At the same time, Daikin – one of the leading suppliers of fluoropolymers – will use the technology to develop antisoiling products for other sectors such as the automotive, construction and aeronautical industries. By cooperating in this way in the development and marketing of antisoiling systems, each company will benefit from the other’s know-how and worldwide service and distribution network, thereby opening up possibilities for new products and applications.