The European Parliament recently adopted a proposal for a directive which will severely restrict the marketing and use of perfluorooctane sulfonates (PFOS) in the European Union. According to Dr Dietrich Tegtmeyer, head of product development & application in the Leather business unit, LANXESS’s products for the leather industry will not be affected: ‘We can continue to supply our customers with all our products. Our leather chemicals, including the auxiliaries that contain fluorocarbons, are already PFOS-free, so there will be no need for our customers to spend valuable time and money modifying their recipes when the new directive comes into force.’

Textile and leather manufacturers in the majority of the EU member states have for the most part already stopped using PFOS. However, at the moment consumers are not protected against exposure to PFOS in imported goods such as textiles or leathergoods from Asia. The new legislation will rectify this situation.

LANXESS are one of the few suppliers to the leather industry whose portfolio includes all the products required for leather production, such as inorganic and synthetic tanning materials, preservatives and fatliquoring agents, dyestuffs, and tanning and finishing auxiliaries.

The Leather business unit belongs to the performance chemicals segment, which posted sales of e1.977 billion in fiscal 2005. Detailed information on the comprehensive product portfolio can be found on the internet at: