All of the stockholders’ representatives on the future supervisory board of Lanxess AG have now been elected. In addition to Dr Rolf Stomberg, these will be Dr Friedrich Janssen, Dr Jürgen F Kammer, Robert J Koehler, Rainer Laufs, Lutz Lingnau, Prof Ulrich Middelmann and Dr Sieghardt Rometsch. They were elected at an extraordinary stockholders’ meeting of Lanxess held before the spin-off of the company became effective, and are expected to take office at the end of February 2005 once the legal basis for the composition of the supervisory board has been confirmed in the ‘Statusverfahren’ prescribed under the Stock Corporation Act. Until then the supervisory board of Lanxess will continue to consist of three members. Effective January 29, 2005, these will be Dr Rolf Stomberg, Dr Friedrich Janssen and Rainer Laufs. They will replace the existing members Klaus Kühn (chief financial officer of Bayer), Johannes Dietsch (head of finance at Bayer) and Dr Roland Hartwig (Bayer’s general counsel), who have resigned their seats by agreement.

Dr Stomberg is chairman of the board of directors of Management Consulting Group plc, London, and a member of other European supervisory boards. Dr Janssen has been a member of the executive board of E.ON Ruhrgas AG, Essen, since 1995. Dr Kammer was executive board chairman of Süd-Chemie AG, Munich, until 2004, and subsequently became chairman of that company’s supervisory board. Koehler has been chairman of the board of management of SGL Carbon AG, Wiesbaden, since 1992. Laufs, formerly management board chairman of Deutsche Shell AG, Hamburg, has been working as a self-employed consultant since the beginning of 2005. Lignau has been a member of the board of management of Schering AG, Berlin, since 2001. Prof Middelmann has been chairman of the executive board of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG, Duisburg, and at the same time vice chairman of the executive board of ThyssenKrupp AG, Düsseldorf, since 2001. Dr Rometsch has been chairman of the supervisory board of HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt KGaA, Düsseldorf, since 2004.

The Lanxess supervisory board will in future be constituted in accordance with the German Codetermination Act of 1976 and consist of 16 members – eight employee representatives and eight representatives of the stockholders. The eight employee representatives will be appointed by the court after the end of the ‘Statusverfahren’. Once the board is complete, a constituent meeting will be held during which the members will elect their chairman and vice chairman.