The leather chemical division of the Italian company, Lamberti Group SpA, introduced a number of new finishing compounds and waxes at the Tanning tech exhibition in Bologna. The company have developed two new waxes, a binder and two new top coats. The new products are as follows:

Nova 2025 is a ready-to-use, water borne, polyurethane top coat which forms semi-soft, strong and matt films. It has excellent light and heat fastness and dry/wet rub resistance. This product is a water borne blend of polyurethanes and waxes. The milky liquid has a solids content of 25% +-1% and a pH of 6.5-8.5 at 20°C. The anionic substance is a ready-to-use top coat for general use. It is particularly suitable for furniture and automotive upholstery articles, which require good fastness properties. In order to improve the mechanical resistance of their finishing films, Lamberti suggest the addition of 3% Reticolante 03 or 1% Reticolante PZ 6020 (the latter should be used carefully in the presence of nitrocellulose).

Lamwax 5 is a blend of aliphatic polyurethanes and synthetic waxes. The creamy, light brown paste is a specific product for pull-up effects on any kind of leather, either pigmented or pure aniline and it can be applied by spraying or rollercoating.

The anionic compound is made up as a water emulsion of waxy binders and it forms semi-hard matt films. Lamwax 5 has a solids content of 30% +-1% and a pH of 7.5-8.0 at 20°C. Lamwax 5 should be blended with other binders and crosslinked to increase mechanical resistance.

Lamwax K 25 is a water emulsion of oils and waxes. The white liquid has a solids content of 20% +/- 1% and a pH of 6.0-7.0 at 20°C. It can be mixed with cationic products even with anionic products present. It does not form a film. K 25 is predominantly non-ionic but does have a slight cationic charge.

Lamwax K 25 can be used as a filler for full or buffed grain finishing. It has excellent covering properties and provides a very natural look to the leather. It can be-applied either in bottom coats or final coats on full and buffed grain leathers.

Lamsoft SW 45 is a water emulsion of acrylic polymers and has a solids content of 23% +-1%. The anionic, yellowish liquid can be applied as an additive for water borne top coats, in order to obtain a fatty, slightly waxy feel to the leather. Lamsoft SW 45 has a pH of 8.0-9.0 at 20°C. This product has been developed for use on any leather type, particularly in all aqueous finishing systems.

Lambinder C22 is a water borne blend of polyurethanes and acrylic binders with waxes. The, anionic, milky liquid forms a semi-soft, strong, slightly sticky and matt film.

A major feature is the excellent wet rub resistance achieved with this product. C22 has a solids content of 28% +-1% and a pH of 7.0-8.5 at 20°C.

Lambinder C22 is a ready-to-use compound, particularly suitable for the topping up of buffed grain furniture leathers and all leather finishing where good mechanical resistance (wet rub resistance) is required.

Dry milling, after application, allows the tanner to obtain very natural looking leather.

All of these products must be stored in a cool and dry environment away from direct sunlight and rainwater.

Please refer to product safety data sheets for further information.