In 2005, Brazil is said to have an ostrich population of 335,000 ostriches with over 14 associated regions, 17 individual cooperatives and one federal regional cooperative. There are some 3,000 ostrich growers. There are three abattoirs with a working capacity to slaughter 200,000 ostriches a year, one of which is situated in the State of Sao Paulo and will export the produce of some 20,000 ostriches this year.

It is no surprise that the next world ostrich congress is in Brazil. A local ostrich conference in Brazil easily attracts more than 400 people. The future of ostrich will heavily depend on the outcome of the Brazilians to reach markets for their produce at reasonable price levels. Certainly, one thing in their favour is that they are heavily market orientated. Some ostrich conferences have ostrich auctions, catwalks to present ostrich leather designs and even ostrich races. The aim of the Brazilian ostrich organisations is to make the next World Ostrich Congress the biggest and the best.

During the XII World Ostrich Congress in Madrid in 2005, the next congress was chosen by unanimous vote by the attendees to take place in Sao Paulo under the organising bodies of ACAB (the Brazilian Ostrich Association) and AEPE ( the Association of Strutiocultura). Both ACAB and AEPE are working to bring ostrich interests together from the five continents, with simultaneous translations in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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Source: Ostrich Products Newsletter