The latest Plimsoll report – on avoiding common acquisition mistakes – looks at twenty companies which Plimsoll Publishing have named as the best acquisition prospects in the leather merchants and wholesalers industry.

They say these are fundamentally solid businesses which are under performing. The valuations put on them by Plimsoll suggest that they could be bought relatively cheaply yet yield excellent returns.

Plimsoll have researched what they describe as the entire industry of 192 companies. These have been divided into best acquisition prospects, 31 highest priced options and the 121 companies named as options to ‘pursue with caution’. They believe that every company is a potential target.

Plimsoll’s Acquisitions Guide provides a company valuation on 71 companies with a full analysis of why some companies are worth more than others. An historical, current and future valuation is provided based on the company’s last four financial years.

The guide costs £600 plus vat.

To purchase the guide tel: +44 1642 626400. Information is also available on their website at []