As way of a reminder – the aims of Leather Naturally! are to promote leather as a natural and sustainable material and its intrinsic value as a premium material in terms of elegance, performance, applications in footwear as well as both practical and luxury goods. In addition, Leather Naturally! defends the leather industry from unwarranted attacks based on disinformation campaigns and at the same aspires to educate consumers about the qualities of leather that have been proven in the fullness of time.

Over the last two years there has been a steady flow of support for the Leather Naturally! campaign and it is estimated that those supporting to date add up to about 25% – 30% of all well made and well priced leather in the world of which the sector can be justly proud.

The Founders’ Luncheon was sponsored by Italian tannery machinery manufacturers Fratelli Carlessi and Erretre. It was attended by some 50 companies all ofwhich are committed to the next stage of Leather Naturally! since they are aware that the objective is to enlighten society and its consumers about the product they manufacture for top class designers.

The next stage of the campaign is centered on untangling the perception of leather in the public mind by analysing both media and internet opinions and ‘chatter’ using advanced software. This stage is being led by expert analysts of The Brand Union who have been engaged by Leather Naturally! with the task of establishing leather as a ‘brand’ much as Woolmark or the ‘Get Milk’ campaigns which were so successful in public perception.

Leather Naturally! will keep the industry and public informed about progress being made in this second stage of this dedicated program which is an historic first for the leather industry.

To join Leather Naturally! and participate in defending your interests as a company involved in the leather industry, please contact its Chief Advisor, Mike Redwood, You can also find more information on the Leather Naturally! web site.