After receiving backing from the local authority, the leather sector and the support of a technical survey, Vic is now closer to the construction of an industrial park specialising in leather. There are 22 local companies including tanneries and related industries in the municipality of Vic. The town’s urban demands and the need for modernisation at the companies’ facilities to comply with new environmental regulations are the main influences.

After brainstorming the idea, a survey to assess the feasibility of the project was undertaken and presented on March 18. Advantages include up to 50% savings in water consumption and chemical products, modernisation of telecommunication systems and the improvement of commercial and corporate images for the companies.

A few companies have showed interest in moving in as soon as possible.

The survey was based in the experiences of Türkiye and Italy where similar industrial parks have been operating successfully.

The estimated area required for Vic’s complex is more than 274,000 sq m with an estimated 1,300 employees. The next step will be the identification of suitable land and initiation of the bureaucratic process.