LeatherXchange have launched their new ‘Inspection Service’ to coincide with the Panamerican Leather Fair, held in Miami, January 21-23, 2001.

Inspection allows tanners and finishers to do business with other buyers and sellers in total confidence by providing a guarantee that the products you are buying or selling are of a stipulated quality.

The service also allows the customer to have their goods classified for sale or shipping by LeatherXchange inspectors.

These services will initially be available for raw and semi processed ovine skins and bovine hides in Europe, from Portugal to Russia and, from April, 2001, will be available in the whole of South America.

Inspection from LeatherXchange Inspection offers customers:

* An international team of inspectors with experience in the leather industry

* A rigorous inspection process with established procedures for inspectors and a guaranteed response time

* The service also offers a level of objectivity and neutrality as hides and skins are graded through the LeatherXchange standards system for clearly defining products

* Inspection services will be available to both LeatherXchange members and non-members.

However, special rates will be given to LeatherXchange members

Anyone wishing to use the service can submit a request for an inspection quote online at [http://www.leatherxchange.com] or fax: +34 93 477 77 60, telephone: +34 93 477 77 55 or email: inspection@leatherxchange.com

The LeatherXchange inspection team will provide you with a quote in a maximum of four working days.

For further information please contact the customer service team by sending an e-mail to: info@leatherxchange.com.