Modaris is used by the biggest names in fashion worldwide. The new model, Modaris V6R1, offers even greater productivity, quality, and innovation.

Modaris V6R1’s powerful tools allow users to develop more patterns in less time. With this solution the number of physical prototypes necessary for the validation of models is reduced, and initial production runs can be made sooner and at reduced costs. By making pattern information exchange simpler and clearer, Modaris V6R1 enables users to capitalise on resources in pattern making and manage product development.

Modaris V6R1 offers higher performance, increased accuracy and speed at every stage of the model development cycle, such as the creation and completion of patterns, industrialisation, grading, and pre-production steps. With Modaris V6R1, apparel professionals are able to reduce the time needed for these steps by around 20%. In addition, Modaris V6R1’s tools allow adjustment of corners, hems, and even mitered corners producing garments with a better quality of finish. These features can cut the time needed in half. ‘The new version of Modaris has enabled us to save around 15% more time in our pattern-making activity compared to the previous version,’ says Silvio Cattarin, design office manager, Tessilform, an Italian company known for its Patrizia Pepe brand of women’s wear. ‘On grading alone we have accelerated the process by an extra 10%, and have reduced the time necessary to finalise models by more than 20%.’

Like all new versions of Lectra software, Modaris is compatible with the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

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