There are two new appointments within the senior management team.

Gerd Vibeke Rahbek-Clemmensen, Managing Director of Ecco Holding – the parent company of the Ecco Group, has been appointed a new member of Ecco Sko A/S’s Supervisory Board.

Steen Borgholm, presently Regional Director of Asia-Pacific, returns to Denmark to become a member of Ecco’s Managing Board and take over the position as Chief Financial Officer from Annemette Nøhr, who has decided to leave the company.

The Ecco Group organisation is being streamlined. Ecco SKO’s three regional sales organisations in North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia-Pacific will now be coordinated into a Global Sales organisation headed by Executive Vice President Michel Krol, who is a member of Ecco’s Managing Board.

Ecco will form a new Ecco Production Group that will be headed by Executive Vice President Panos Mytaros, who is a member of Ecco’s Managing Board.

The Ecco Production Group will comprise two units – the existing Ecco Leather Group in Dongen and a new Ecco Shoe Group, which will be headquartered in Singapore and managed by Director, Flemming Larsen.

The Ecco Shoe Group will comprise Ecco’s five manufacturing units in China, Indonesia, Portugal, Slovakia and Thailand as well as external sourcing.

At ECCO’s Headquarter in Bredebro, Denmark, all supply chain activities will be gathered in a strengthened Supply Chain organisation headed by Vice President Morten Bay Jensen, with direct reference to Ecco’s Group COO, Michael Hauge Sørensen.

All these changes will be implemented latest July 1, 2012.

With effect from January 1, 2013 it has further been decided to appoint Ecco’s Head of China General Manager George Kahwati, as new Regional Director of Asia-Pacific.

Michael Hauge Sørensen, Group COO says: ‘Ecco is in a positive development with growth and increased profitability. We must, however, plan for the future and this re-organisation will give us a simpler and more efficient organisation, bring us closer to our customers and allow us to benefit further from owning the entire value chain. We are very pleased with the fact that we have been able to promote our new top management group from within Ecco’.