Martin Swayne, former markets editor of Leather International, died at his home in the English countryside, on September 11, 2006, just two months before his 65th birthday. Before joining Leather in 1978, Martin had worked for many years for leather merchants Bevingtons & Sons, during which time he visited India on many occasions.

While still a boy, he lived in Germany after WWII and this gave him a special affinity with both countries. He was a larger than life character, outgoing and enthusiastic and will be remembered by many in the leather industry.

In Leather’s 125th anniversary issue, September 1992, we wrote that ‘after more than 25 years in the leather trade [he] moved on to edit magazines covering the paper industry. He worked for two editors of Leather International, Rev Robert Higham and Iain Howie and initially remained with the same publishing group working for Paper magazine, before moving on to work for German publishers. At the time of his death, he had his own website []