Since I do not hesitate to criticise others, I try also to look at my own defects. Last September, I advised everybody that the website I had envisioned to serve the industry would become a reality and that we would get the first outlines on the web that same month. I was wrong and I apologise.

The site is not yet on-line because we have not reached what is called the critical mass of data, that would make it worthwhile to look at and moreover to work with. We started with a simple idea, which we elaborated so much that the site has become rather large and complex. Presently I am working at the various databases of which about 50% are ready.

I guess and hope that we can be on-line towards the beginning of March, which also depends how fast we get info from various chambers of commerce, embassies, etc. Meanwhile, I have come on-line with [] and [] which are both working and which feature all 2001 and 2002 Limeblasts as well as the Comments of Shelagh Davy.

The graphical presentation of the Limeblast site is the same as the graphics of the overall ‘World of Leather’ site, the same buttons and background. The only difference is the topics on the buttons.

I am sorry for this delay, but I can assure you that we will get there and I want to get there as fast as possible.

Sam Setter