ATC have developed a range of chemicals for the production of metal free leathers.

Actan FCP is pretanning chemical for the production of chrome free leather. Actan FCP leads to a shrinkage temperature between 70-85°C according to the basification degree. Therefore, the pretanned leather can be shaved or split, resulting in environmentally friendly by-products. The wet-white leather obtained can be stored or further tanned and retanned.

Actan FCM is used as a retanning agent for the production of metal free leathers. After pretanning with Actan FCP, application of Actan FCM gives a very soft and full leather, especially suitable for automotive and upholstery leather.

Actan BU gives a burnishing effect when used during retanning of both chrome free and wet-blue leathers.

Actan FCT is a retanning chrome free agent especially designed for the production of firm, metal free leather, inclusive of shoe upper. Actan FCP is applied after pretanning with Actan FCP. It also avoids the formation of chrome VI when used at the end of the retanning of wet-blue hides and skins.

The Actoil range of fatliquors is said to give customers a comprehensive pallet of adapted fatliquors for the production of any type of leather. The range includes:

* Actoil MDF (electrolyte stable synthetic fatliquor)

* Actoil NLP (lecithin based fatliquor)

* Actoil NSC (sulfited natural fatliquor)

* Actoil NM (sulfated natural and synthetic fatliquor)

* Actoil SGC (phosphated fatty alcohol derivates)

Actytop EFC is used as a substitution of formaldehyde, especially for the fixation of casein finishing on goat and calf skins.