Following their philosophy of upgrading in order to keep leather’s elegance, Clariant have announced their latest developments for modern leather finishing.

For soft leathers with a ‘natural appearance’, ie leathers of lower selections which call for a stronger ‘upgrading’, Clariant have two products which are the outcome of intensive research and development:

Melio 02-G-53 is a soft sophisticated cationic acrylic with low tackiness, giving an efficient upgrading and a very natural grain break and excellent adhesion values on many crust types. Due to its excellent masking properties of superficial grain defects, leathers maintain their natural aesthetic appeal.

Melio 02-G-53 is compatible with Clariant’s wide cationic product range. Melio 02-G-53 is finding its main use for garment leather but it is also succesfully applied in cationic pregrounds for a wide range of articles, such as full and corrected shoe upper, upholstery and fancy leathers.

Melio 06-P-50 is a thermo-active filler which calls for a ‘new way of upgrading’ in leather finishing. Its expands with heat and shows best results after hydraulic plating or embossing.

Melio 06-P-50 is used as a filling additive in conventional pregrounds and base coats, but also in Melio Foam and Melio Prograde base coats.

Melio 06-P-50 is used on a great variety of leather types like smooth corrected grain shoe upper, sport shoe leather, full grain shoe upper of low selection in general, splits in general, as well as full and corrected grain upholstery and car upholstery.