The SIC Group, organisers of the biannual Le Cuir A Paris exhibition, have announced their colour forecast for winter 2007/08. This season will focus on three major narrative forms: Legends, Novels and Essays which will take a romantic turn where colours will lead us to the land of legends and fairytales. These are relevant to all sectors: ready-to-wear, decoration, accessories, furnishing and the automotive industry.


The enchanted forest with its mythical creatures features colours that are vegetable and warm, telling of magic potions and kitchen gardens: spinach, beetroot, meadow mushroom, cauldron, pumpkin, celery, the colours of roots and forest greens. The palette also includes a range of faded tints and crushed nuances: dusty grey, crystallised chestnuts, faded rose and gold. Picture still lakes, mossy manor houses and Gothic castles which lie in wait for princesses and witches.


In this theme there are two chapters: detective story and popular romance. The colour mood for the who dunnit genre is voluptuous and dramatic, full of theatrical effects and the couture spirit. Erotic, delectable colours such as sinful reds, hellfire orange, fuchsia kiss, jet black and gemstone green fill the spectrum.

Popular romance read on trains behind smoked windows includes gloomy, austere colours such as anthracite, overall blue, sump brown, tool green; vintage English colours including yellowish green, mustard yellow, rust, crushed raspberries; and urban colours incorporating neutrals and false colours: concrete, stone, pavement, palisade brown and metro green.


Science fiction – Jules Verne, Tolkien, Bradbury – conjures up a world of familiar robots, scientific austerity and mystical, retro-futuristic techniques. The mood includes symbolic colours, precious metals, the colours of antique casts, quiet neutrals and colours inspired by plaster casts. Mole brown, glacier blue, chalk white, clay, precious black, cold silver, cloudy grey, wax yellow and stone beige also feature.