Ernesto Moos’s great-grandfather Elias Moos, started the Elias Moos firm for trading hides in Germany in 1837 – and his father established a Buenos Aires office for the firm in 1922 – and moved with his family to Buenos Aires in 1932.
The European office continued until the second world war – and restarted in the late 1940’s under the name of ‘INHUMA’ in Rotterdam, having also opened a company in Stockholm –the ‘Moos Trading Co.’ when the second world war ended.
Also during the early 1940’s, a New York office (‘Elias Moos Inc’) was started and continued to be active until the late 1950’s.
The firms head office in Buenos Aires was finally closed in 1988 – and Ernesto Moos has continued trading in Switzerland since the late 1950’s as the last remnant of the Moos Hide trading name.
‘I feel that since reaching in 2009 the ripe age of 84 years, and having started working in the trade when I was 11 years old (even if up to 19 years old I only worked in the Argentine firms hide warehouse during my school holidays), I have done my part for the trade, having had my own and direct experiences in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil (where I had my own firm for 8 years in the 1950’s), USA, Sweden, India, and Switzerland’, he told Leather International.
Ernesto Moos is also an active member Ichslta and up until recently has attended international trade shows such as the APLF in Hong Kong.