Lustral Comp 580 is a compound constituted by acrylic resins in water emulsion, combined with particular oils and waxes.

Lustral Comp 580 is suitable for spray ‘up-grading’ finishing on low-quality leathers with evident defects; it is an excellent support in the finishing of different kinds of leather (goat, cow, bovine leathers), also very defective ones.

Lustral Comp 580 confers an excellent ground covering simply together with Lustratop pigment mixtures; particularly, it gives excellent results with Lustratop Nero Opaco.

Lustral Comp 580 is for leather which is medium matt, has little stickiness and a particularly round handle. Lustral Comp 580 has good spreading properties and is reactive to hot ironing; moreover, it can be printed with excellent results.

The resistance given to the leathers, both dry and wet rubbing, is good.

It is advisable to use Lustral Comp 580 alone in ground coats; but its characteristics (it doesn’t charge the grain) permit use with other products such as Akral PU M, Akral AC R and Akral PU PF.

It is a medium viscous white liquid; acrylic charged resins compound in water emulsion with a pH of 9.0 +- 0.5. It has an anionic charge and a dry content of 17 +- 1.

Sinteral DH 260 is a specific soaking auxiliary; a hair-removing agent with excellent lime dissolving capacity. It is used to obtain leathers with a very clean, smooth and fine grain; this capacity comes from its intensifying effect on the activity of the liming reducing agents, which are normally used.

Due to its power of solubilisation of the lime, Sinteral DH 260 favours fast penetration in the whole section of the leather. Also, thanks to the developed buffering action, it permits an homogeneous swelling of the fibres.

Sinteral DH 260 smells light and pleasant and does not cause any emission of nitrousamines, which are highly toxic (contrary to what happens using dimethylamine-based chemicals).

Sinteral DH 260 can be used at the rate of 1 to 4% on the dry or fresh salted leathers’ weight; this quantity is enough to improve the elasticity. It is a limpid slightly straw-coloured/colourless liquid which is an organic nitrogen derivative. pH as found is 9 +- 1 and dry content 20 +- 1.

Sinteral DH 290 is a liming auxiliary which allows the reduction of sulfides. The partial replacement of the sodium sulfide and/or of the sodium sulfhydrate enables a good reduction in effluent pollution.

Sinteral DH 290 not only has a hair-removing action, but also a spreading action on the fibres; as a consequence there is an excellent superficial result and relaxation of the grain and of the leather’s natural wrinkles. Sinteral DH 290 favours the cleanness of the grain, eliminating the hair bulb. The action of Sinteral DH 290 keeps the pH constant during the hair-removing.

Besides its use in liming, at the rate of 1.5 to 2.0%, Sinteral DH 290 is also recommended in the soaking phase, at the rate of 0.5 to maximum 1%, in order to obtain a leather which is better prepared for the following liming phase, already with more hair relaxation.

It is a semi-transparent yellowish fluid liquid which is an homogeneous mix of organic compounds with reducing action. It has a pH (sol 10%) of 11 +- 1, an anionic charge and a dry content of 22 +- 1.

Lacsuper is a series of premetallised dyes in water and high-concentration solvent solution used to obtain aniline and semi-aniline effects in polished and plated finishings. Being solvent and concentrated dyestuffs, they are especially suitable for ground coverings in finishing, in order to confer high gloss and uniformity to the leather. Thanks to their particular chemical constitution, Lacsuper dyes have a good covering and uniforming effect and, therefore, are particularly suitable for those ‘aniline’ leathers which need some covering of the crust’s imperfections.

Lacsuper, used in intermediate aniline-effects, have good wet-rubbing fastness (except Lacsuper Lemon). They do not change tone at high temperatures, to which leather is often subjected during finishing and upper treatment in the shoe factory. Lacsuper dyes are anionic and have good light fastness.

Lacsuper is water-soluble in any proportion and solvents are not required. However, Lacsuper is perfectly compatible with lacquer-based top mixtures in solvent, where they offer excellent brightness and fastness.

Perlacor Mordore/Perlacor Autumn are very fine pearl pigments for multicolour shot effects which are dispersed in water solution for fashion purposes. All Perlacor pigments are particularly suitable for aqueous finishing, either glazed or polished or plated.

They can be used together with Lustral, Prefondal, RPU and Akral and also with anilines and pigments such as Lacsolvent, Lustral Aniline and Lustratop. They are available in a range of colours: classic pearly white; a very metallic, covering pearly silver; metallising, slightly pearling black; finely iridescent pearling platinum; metallising, pearling gold; metallic pearly bronze; slightly metallising iridescent copper; iridescent and pearly green; iridescent and pearly blue; finely iridescent and pearly lilac; iridescent and finely pearly red.

They are easily glazeable, anionic and have a very good covering power. They can be used with any Alpa binder and are mixable with water in any proportion. The films obtained with them are easily polishable.

Akral RF 611 is a finishing, covering acrylic resin of universal usage with a very elastic, medium gloss, non-sticky film. It is a universal use binder, but because of its very soft characteristics, it is particularly suitable for leathers which have to be dry milled.

It is a milky liquid in appearance; a water dispersion of acrylic polymer. It has a pH (sol 10%) of 7.0 +- 1, an anionic charge and dry content of 30 +- 1.