Following recent announcements on new Corilenes and Synektans, a further group of products consisting of formaldehyde-free Renektans, two more Corilene water repellency boosters and a new Bemanol multi-purpose wetting/soaking agent will be available immediately.

Renektans FFC, FFR and FFZ are three new retannage resins, all guaranteed to be free from ‘free’ formaldehyde residues. They have excellent light and heat yellowing fastness and give typical tightening and filling properties.

Both Renektan FFR and FFZ are anionic resins which penetrate easily, exhaust almost completely and have a dispersing effect on vegetable tanning extracts and syntans. Renektan FFR is the softer of the two polymers and is, therefore, recommended for those leathers where softness, fullness and tightness is of paramount importance. Renektan FFZ has further applications in the fixation of chrome and chrome syntans either at the end of tannage or prior to neutralisation in retannage.

Renektan FFC is a cationic product which fills and tightens the grain while keeping it smooth. It increases affinity and improves the fixation and yield of anionic dyestuffs and exhaustion of anionic retanning agents.

Corilenes WP-E and WS-B are both new and are designed to assist tanners during wet-end processing in producing waterproof leathers. Corilene WP-E has excellent wetting properties on both hides and skins and, therefore, facilitates fatliquor penetration throughout the cross-section of the leather, even at a neutralising pH as low as 4.5.

A further application is to create rapid and complete wetting back of dried waterproof leathers that require reprocessing. When using this product, there is no negative effect on waterproofing as its emulsifying activity is blocked by polyvalent cations such as chrome, aluminium and zirconium at the end of retannage.

Corilene WS-B, used either alone or in combination with Corilene WP or CPF ranges, produces a high degree of dynamic water resistance for highly technical leathers used in the shoe, garment and sporting goods markets. It can also be applied to leathers not previously treated with water-repellent fatliquors to give enhanced softness or as a topping application to give a smooth, silky handle. It is highly lightfast and resistant to yellowing and is, therefore, ideal for use in white and pastel shades.

Bemanol WIB is a new multi-purpose wetting/soaking agent that accelerates rehydration whilst simultaneously removing salts, blood and dirt. Used for rewetting chromed and chrome-free leathers in preparation for retanning during dyeing and reprocessing of crusted leathers, Bemanol WIB is highly stable to electrolytes and hard water. It can also be used to assist with even distribution of tanning agents, fatliquors and dyestuffs as it is compatible with most anionic, amphoteric and cationic products.