Mosconi’s Aster shaving machine is the natural evolution of the company’s previous RMG shaving machines. Its construction is in a single heat-treated one piece block. The Aster is designed to achieve the very best in blade cylinder sharpening and constant shaving thickness. The operator will have key new controls at their disposal, such as the self-learning function to store specific set-ups and work sequences. The system is equipped with a powerful numerical control (CNC) combined with a heavy duty PC with touch screen TS technology to display interactive pages and is a guarantee of successful results in all stages of the shaving process.

Built in three working widths (2700, 3000, 3200mm), this shaving machine is a highly versatile production unit which meets the most varied requirements of modern tanneries in terms of both output and quality.

On the new Aster model, the knife cylinder is fixed (in contrast with the previous model). A new device has been integrated into the opening and closing movement of the hide feed table to restore the wear of the blade roller, which enables the operator to perfectly control the shaving thickness. The advantage of a fixed sharpening beam and blade cylinder is that it enhances the machine’s performance with particular regard to the sharpening process and maintaining constant thickness. The rubber roller is motorised.

During the closing action of the feed hide table, the rubber roller is motorised to facilitate feeding of the leather by the operator. When the machine is closed, the rotation speed of the rubber roller is automatically adjusted to match the rotation speed of the chrome cylinder, thus increasing the safety performance of the machine in the loading operation. The training of the rubber roller and the chromate cylinder’s movement will restore the correct working position on the blade and increase safety.


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