Mosconi first introduced their Zenit splitter five years ago and, since then, they have continued to develop it. Now it has evolved into the Super Zenit and they are still finding ways to upgrade the basic technology.

At Tanning Tech, they were featuring optional brushless motors to control the grinding stone. In the previous version of the machine, the grinding wheel was adjusted manually using a wheel mounted on the front right hand side of the machine. The upgraded machine replaces the wheel with two brushless motors. This provides a more accurate and automated adjustment of the grinding wheel.

However, this is optional and moving the grinding stones closer together or further apart can now be carried out manually or automatically via the control panel or the motors which replace the winding mechanism. Even with the motors, there is still a manual override to adjust the positioning if desired.

They have also added a safety guard to cover the blade and Mosconi have upgraded the display settings with a new touch screen monitor. The new screen guides the operator using a series of graphics and it is available in different languages.

The third and perhaps the most important new feature is a patented system that controls the levelness of the main roller against the grinding roller. The new system allows an even splitting action to be performed across hides and skins of a non-uniform substance.

There is a special patented device which allows the gauge roller to be bent upwards at each end to form a slight curve. This is ideal for handling larger hides. There is a dial at each end of the machine which lifts the ends of the gauge roller and smaller dials across the front of the machine which adjust the counter rollers so that they maintain their relationship with the gauge roller ensuring the uniformity of the splitting action. In this way, the counter rollers can also be moved to synchronise with the gauge roller so that they always follow the line of the gauge roller without ever touching it.

Mosconi also introduced a new shaving machine last year when their RMG was replaced by the Aster. New features have also been incorporated into Mosconi’s three metre Aster 3000 and the frame and casings have been upgraded to make it more robust under tannery conditions.

It has also been fitted with a new drive on the rubber roller. This enables a more consistent shaving effect on full hides. The new drive now also moves horizontally, in addition to the arc which brings it into contact with the chrome roller. The chrome roller moves sideways to bring it closer to the blade roller and now the rubber roller can also move sideways in the same plane as the chrome roller.

The Aster has a very sophisticated control system with an integral touch screen PC which can be linked to other computers or the internet. This contains video help guides to give blade replacement instructions and various other help functions.