Although Stahl India are less than six years old, a two year project has placed the company among world leaders through gaining MRP2 Class A certification. The rapid growth experienced over this time encouraged the company to look at MRP2 certification as a way of bringing con-trol and order to the company’s organisation. In achieving this, Stahl India have joined a number of other Stahl companies across the world who have similar certification.

The award was presented by Tom Oliver of the Oliver Wight organisation at the Residency Towers Hotel in Chennai following an audit feedback meeting in mid-November. The fact that Tom Oliver was used to working in India and understood the problems associated with dealing with different cultures was an invaluable benefit to the project.

The project was led throughout by S Rajagopalan, of whom managing director Tim Amos says: ‘He took up the challenge and never let the pace drop for a minute. Constant encouragement, cajoling and innovative thinking have meant that both the core team and all employees have thought about what the company wished to achieve and why it was being done.’

The team also called on the assistance of Gordon Rudd, who was formerly operations manager at Stahl UK and had led that company in a similar successful project some years ago. His experi-ence and knowledge soon gained the respect of the Indian staff especially as he took a very much hands-on approach.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Tim Amos said: ‘In following this project we could see where we were going, it was organised common sense! The whole team now believe that this is only the beginning. They realise that running the company this way is easier and we are all keen to keep going and achieve more.’