Münzing Chemie unveiled several new products at APLF in April.

Syncurol ML is a synthetic softy fatliquor that can be used during chrome tanning or as a main fatliquor and adds extra softness and gives a fluffy impression to leathers. Suitable for white and pastel shades because of its good heat and lightfastness. Dyes are brilliant with good evenness.

Cuirol SL provides a cloth-like soft touch with an excellent warm feeling and tight grain. Creates lightweight and fluffy leathers and may be added on its own or in combination with chrome tanning or top fatliquoring. Also recommended for all types of non-chrome leather from bovine and ovine.

Metolat CD-1 is a top dye auxiliary that gives added value to leathers in terms of deepness of colour and improved crock fastness/rubfastness. This product may save hundreds of dollars every day by reducing dyestuff quantities.

Metolat WE is a unique product being the first ‘hydrophobic’ emulsifier in the market with a wide application spectrum:

* for waterproof leathers in beamhouse processes

* for waterproof leathers where the origin/system of tanning is unknown

* for low grade lining to be transformed into ASA waterproof articles

* improvement of colour uniform-ity for all leather types.

Syncurol 79 is a fatliquor/ softening speciality consisting of various native/synthetic/polymeric based materials for excellent filling and softening of all softy types like car upholstery/furniture/garment cow and small skins. Grading and cutting values are really increased. Leathers treated will show a warm and silky/rich touch.